The Anatomy of Your Anger – And Putting It Away (Powlison)

Some Christians have a very short fuse. Sometimes anger is one of those sins that plague Christians and makes life pretty tough for them and the people around them. There are more than a few verses in the Bible that speak against anger. Biblical wisdom notes that an angry person causes much transgression (Prov. 29:22).… Continue reading The Anatomy of Your Anger – And Putting It Away (Powlison)

The “Inner Courtroom” of Anger (Powlison)

I'm in the middle of studying the fascinating story in 1 Samuel 20. In this story, King Saul goes into rage mode against Jonathan because Jonathan is protecting David. Jonathan, in turn, is angry with Saul because Saul tried to kill him, because Saul shamed David, and because Saul was trying to kill David. I'd… Continue reading The “Inner Courtroom” of Anger (Powlison)

Afflictions, God’s Sovereignty, and Our Foundation (Powlison)

 In chapter 17 of Good & Angry, David Powlison talks about being angry at God. Obviously it's sinful to be angry at God and blame him of wrongdoing.  Powlison's discussion of this topic is a good one; it's worth reading for sure!  I especially appreciated the following paragraphs: When the Bible portrays and discusses suffering, God… Continue reading Afflictions, God’s Sovereignty, and Our Foundation (Powlison)

Anger and Us – Our Anger (Powlison)

  David Powlison's book Good and Angry is an outstanding resource on anger.  It does a good job balancing and summarizing the biblical teaching about anger - God's and ours.   In chapter five Powlison noted the truth that our anger isn't just a "thing" or an "it," but something we do as humans.  Here's a summary of… Continue reading Anger and Us – Our Anger (Powlison)

Motives at Work in Sexual Sin (Powlison)

Last week I mentioned David Powlison's forthcoming book, Making All Things New.  Today I want to highlight part of it that is quite helpful in thinking of the nuts and bolts of sexual sin, whether it be adultery, pornography, homosexuality, or lust (and so on).  Below are various motives at work in sexual sin, which… Continue reading Motives at Work in Sexual Sin (Powlison)