A “Delightful Reciprocity” in Marriage (Dorsey)

I've been studying and preaching through the Song of Songs. So far it's been a rewarding experience! One helpful resource for me has been David Dorsey's The Literary Structure of the Old Testament. I appreciate how Dorsey breaks down the Song into various parts with themes and key words. If you haven't seen this resource,… Continue reading A “Delightful Reciprocity” in Marriage (Dorsey)

Literary Structure of the OT

I posted on this excellent book earlier.  I also just noticed that the WSC bookstore now carries it - priced competitively with Amazon.  I'll review this more later as I use it, but as many of you said earlier, it is a great work!  It is worth the 30 some bucks if you are studying… Continue reading Literary Structure of the OT

OT Hebrew Literary Structure

This is an oustanding resource: David Dorsey, The Literary Structure of the OT (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1999). It is a literary commentary on the OT.  Dorsey breaks down many sections of the OT into literary outlines, which helps the OT student see the narrative/literary "shape" of many OT stories and sections. The first few chapters… Continue reading OT Hebrew Literary Structure