The Religious Fundamentalism of Evolution/Darwinism (Johnson)

 (This is a re-blog from July, 2012) I’ve heard about Phillip Johnson’s book, Darwin on Trial, but until recently I haven’t read it.  And I’m very glad I finally did. This book does not deal with superficial issues.  It gets right to the heart of the matter by examining the logic, presuppositions, and religious aspects… Continue reading The Religious Fundamentalism of Evolution/Darwinism (Johnson)

Hodge on Darwinism

Here’s a dated but helpful book on the issue of evolution and Christianity: What is Darwinism? by Charles Hodge.  In just over 100 pages, Hodge talks about different theories of the beginning of the universe and its existence.  He specifically hones in on Darwinism, including Darwin’s view of natural selection and teleology.  Hodge also explains… Continue reading Hodge on Darwinism

The Worldview of Naturalism

In Western culture, one popular worldview is that of naturalism.  Naturalism is the worldview that believes, in a word, that nature is all there is.  This worldview “regards the natural, material, and physical universe as the only reality.”  Naturalists say the cosmos is a closed system of cause and effect; nothing is beyond nature, there… Continue reading The Worldview of Naturalism

Evolution and the Image of God

For many good reasons, solid Christian theologians have sharply criticized and rejected Darwinian macro-evolution as an unchristian and unbiblical teaching.  Darwinism doesn’t square with the biblical record nor does it mesh with biblical doctrine.  I bring up this topic because a friend pointed me to a recent article on evolution by a retired Christian Reformed… Continue reading Evolution and the Image of God

An Introduction to Evolution by Jack London

 When I was a teenager, I loved Jack London’s books The Call of the Wild and White Fang.  I recently read them again since I found they were free for Kindle readers.  I also searched for other free Jack London books on Kindle, and among others I found this London book: Before Adam.  Since it… Continue reading An Introduction to Evolution by Jack London