A Readable Study of the Tabernacle (Ex. 25-40)

  Reformation Trust sent me a copy of this recently released monograph, God in Our Midst by Daniel Hyde, so I want to mention it here.  It is basically a devotional commentary on Exodus 25-40, the section of the Pentateuch that describes the OT tabernacle in much detail.  To be even more precise, the book… Continue reading A Readable Study of the Tabernacle (Ex. 25-40)

Historic Reformed Churches: Belief and Practice

  As the pastor of a church in an area where almost no one has been in a liturgical, confessional Reformed church, I get many questions about all sorts of things - from worship to eschatology to the sacraments.  In the past few years, visitors (some who have become members) have asked me about our liturgy, what the… Continue reading Historic Reformed Churches: Belief and Practice

Danny Hyde on Liturgy

In answering the question, "what is a liturgy?" Hyde responds that it is "an order of worship," simply put.  He continues: "Every church...uses a liturgy.  It is not something only a few churches have, such as the Roman Catholics or 'traditional' churches; every worship service in every church [in] the world has a liturgy.  Whether… Continue reading Danny Hyde on Liturgy