On The First Day of The Week We Gather… (Cyril)

Cyril's commentary on John's Gospel is one that has been very helpful in my studies. It's always enjoyable to read; Cyril is a good teacher! [[If you remember, Cyril of Alexandria was the 5th century theologian who wrote against Nestorius' unbiblical teaching on the person and nature of Christ. Nestorius taught that there were two… Continue reading On The First Day of The Week We Gather… (Cyril)

O Beautiful Confession! (Cyril)

The Bible commentaries and sermons from the early church fathers are often extremely helpful. Quite often I'll get more out of the commentaries or sermons of Chyrostom, Ambrose, Cyril, and Augustine than the modern commentaries on my shelves. In fact, my own sermons and studies would suffer if I neglected the sermons and commentaries of… Continue reading O Beautiful Confession! (Cyril)

He Crushed Satan… (Cyril)

 I've come to appreciate Cyril of Alexandria's 5th-century commentary on Luke.  I don't necessarily agree with everything in it, but it is interesting, edifying, and enlightening.  While studying the account of Jesus casting the demon out of the man in the synagogue (Lk 4:33-35; cf. Mk 1:33-26), I came across these helpful comments by Cyril.… Continue reading He Crushed Satan… (Cyril)

He Continued To Be God (Cyril)

 Cyril of Alexandria (d. 444 AD) wrote a helpful commentary on the Gospel of Luke.  Cyril's stand for the biblical teaching of Christ's deity comes through clearly in his commentary.  Here's one example from his comments on Luke 9:47, where it says that Jesus knew the thoughts of his disciples' hearts: And now let him… Continue reading He Continued To Be God (Cyril)

Cyril on Faith and Grace (Commentary on Luke)

It’s been a treat to read Cyril of Alexandria’s (d. 444) commentary on the Gospel of Luke.  Some of his insights have been quite helpful; in fact, I’ve leaned on his interpretation more than a few times in my studies and sermons on Luke.  Recently I read Cyril’s exposition of Luke 7:36-50, where a sinful… Continue reading Cyril on Faith and Grace (Commentary on Luke)