The Faith of Our Fathers

In the first of his five-volume series on the history and doctrinal developments of the Christian church, Jaroslav Pelikan evaluates, explains, and summarizes the Christian beliefs of the catholic (universal) church from 100-600 AD.  Since many people today are writing - and duped by - historical revisions of the early church and its beliefs, it… Continue reading The Faith of Our Fathers

Heavenly Mindedness in the Early Church

When Cyprian (d. 258 AD) wrote to Christians who were being persecuted, one thing he told them (among many) was to keep their eyes fixed on heaven. Perhaps with Hebrews 11 in the background, Cyprian told fellow believers to stand firm in the Christian faith and focus on the life to come. Here are a… Continue reading Heavenly Mindedness in the Early Church

Cyprian on a Teachable Spirit

   In Epistle LXXIII, Cyprian writes to Pompey about heretics and baptism.  In this letter, he also mentions the beauty of a teachable spirit (cf. 2 Tim. 2.24), which heretics generally do not have.  I love these lines. "Now he is teachable who is meek and gentle to the patience of learning.  For it behoves a… Continue reading Cyprian on a Teachable Spirit

Victorinus, Augustine, and Monica

 As most of you know, Augustine's Confessions are indescribably amazing.  No matter how many times you've read them, each time you open the book and start to read you feel like Lucy did when she saw Narnia for the first time.  One thing that sticks out for me is how Augustine brilliantly sets up his mother… Continue reading Victorinus, Augustine, and Monica

Cyprian’s Christian Precepts

Volume 5 of the Ante-Nicene Fathers contains the works of [Thascius/Caecilius] Cyprian (3rd century AD).  These are a joy and pleasure to read.  In fact, if you've wanted to do some reading in the patristics, I'd recommend getting this volume (decently priced on Amazon) and slowly working through Cyprian's epistles and treatises.   Or, if this is too much… Continue reading Cyprian’s Christian Precepts