Christian Patience (Cyprian)

Cyprian was a major figure in the 3rd century A.D. Christian church. He was a preacher and teacher in Carthage who fled from persecution at least once in his life and also had to hide from some who wanted to kill him. He finally turned himself in and was martyred in 258 AD. Thankfully, quite… Continue reading Christian Patience (Cyprian)

Cyprian’s Compendium of Religion

Among his many epistles and treatises, Cyprian (d. 258 AD) wrote a series of precepts or doctrinal points on various aspects of the Christian faith.  They are one sentence summaries of some basic biblical truths along with proof texts for each truth.  In one of these “books,” Cyprian gives a succinct “summary of heavenly precepts”… Continue reading Cyprian’s Compendium of Religion

The Church is Never Closed

In Cyprian’s day (3rd Century AD) the Christian church in the West was grappling with heretics on the one hand and with persecution on the other hand.  Cyprian, the Bishop of Carthage (North Africa), typically handled these difficulties with a biblical and pastoral mindset.  Below is one example of Cyprian’s forgiving spirit in light of… Continue reading The Church is Never Closed

Cyprian, Calvin, and Church (S)Hopping

  (This is a slightly edited repost from January, 2010) Around 252 A.D. Cyprian wrote a letter to several Christians (Maximus, Urbanus, Sidonius, and Macharius) who had recently been received back into the church after they had left under persecution.  They repented, professed faith, and after time were allowed full fellowship once again.  Cyprian rejoices… Continue reading Cyprian, Calvin, and Church (S)Hopping

Prayer: Not As The Hypocrites…

I’ve been enjoying Christopher Hall’s study of the early church’s worship.  Though I don’t agree with every point, and though I think sometimes Hall’s comments seem to get in the way of his explanations, this book is an insightful glimpse into the early Christian church and her worship of the triune God.  Here’s one section… Continue reading Prayer: Not As The Hypocrites…