Cynicism, Legalism, and Then Antinomianism (Byers)

Christians are not immune to cynicism. There are plenty of Christians who are plenty cynical - myself included. And so this book ended up on my shelves way back in 2011: Faith without Illusions: Following Jesus as a Cynic-Saint by Andrew Byers. In fact, this book is still on my shelves because I still need… Continue reading Cynicism, Legalism, and Then Antinomianism (Byers)

Fighting Cynicism (Keyes)

 I have to admit that sometimes my cynicism level gets too high. And it brings with it a nasty form of apathy. I'm not cynical about the truths of the Christian faith, the reality of God's existence, or the historic Christian church, but I am sometimes cynical about many other things. To combat this unhealthy… Continue reading Fighting Cynicism (Keyes)

Young, Restless, and Culturally Arrogant? (Part 2)

Here’s part two of this post: “Christians must become more adept at reaching the younger generations, but are those of us in those younger generations willing and able to reciprocate and bridge the cultural lines of our elders?  Are we striving to understand the struggles of those in their mid-forties rearing teenagers?  Are we making… Continue reading Young, Restless, and Culturally Arrogant? (Part 2)

Young, Restless, and Culturally Arrogant? (Part 1)

Some younger Christians poke fun of the traditions and habits of older Christians and churches.  They say that the older Christians/churches are totally out of touch with society and therefore are neither “missional” nor “relevant” (to use evangelical buzzwords).  I appreciate how Andrew Byers discusses this.  Since this quote is a bit long I’ve put… Continue reading Young, Restless, and Culturally Arrogant? (Part 1)

Cynical About the Church? (Or: The Dog Always Died)

I’m sure many of our readers have heard much cynicism directed at the Christian church.  To be sure, the church is not perfect; God is perfect and his word is perfect, but the church is not (yet!).  So we have to deal with cynicism until Jesus comes again.  Dick Keyes talks about this well in… Continue reading Cynical About the Church? (Or: The Dog Always Died)