Fighting Cynicism (Keyes)

 I have to admit that sometimes my cynicism level gets too high. And it brings with it a nasty form of apathy. I'm not cynical about the truths of the Christian faith, the reality of God's existence, or the historic Christian church, but I am sometimes cynical about many other things. To combat this unhealthy… Continue reading Fighting Cynicism (Keyes)

Fighting Cynicism

 Cynicism is one of those sinister attitudes that is prevalent in American culture and life.  Popular songs talk about being jaded, a cynical slant drives some sitcoms and comedy routines, and political talk shows take on the tenor of pessimism, negativity, and sarcasm - which draw millions of listeners who in turn learn cynicism from the… Continue reading Fighting Cynicism

Weeping, Lamenting, Worship

These are some great words to think about in the context of corporate worship and Christian lament, grief, and sorrow.  In this context, Andrew Byers is talking about the cries found in the Psalter. "At some point along the way the Western church stopped associating weeping with worship.  It probably occurred about the time we stopped reading… Continue reading Weeping, Lamenting, Worship