Democracy, Culture, Christianity

 Here's a provocative section from Don Carson's 2008 book, Christ and Culture Revisited. "...Democracy, as a valuable form of government as it can be, must never be confused with the Christian vision of the good....  [A] democratic culture cannot be aligned isomorphically with a Christian culture.  Christians will cheer on democracy, believing that, by and… Continue reading Democracy, Culture, Christianity

Bored, Boring, Boredom

 Richard Winter's book Still Bored in a Culture of Entertainment is a great book that asks and answers this question from an intelligent, biblical point of view: Why are so many Americans bored when there are a billion things for us to do?  Another way to think about this topic is that Americans are "distracted from distraction by distraction."   In this book… Continue reading Bored, Boring, Boredom

Missions in North America: The Hard Post-Christian Soil

 In many ways, Lesslie Newbigin has helped me think through the implications of the gospel in Western culture.  He well noted that Christianity in the West has, for the most part, been domesticated into one religion among many - a private religion a person can "use" if it helps him through life.  What's the outcome of this privatized… Continue reading Missions in North America: The Hard Post-Christian Soil

What Threatens to Smother the Church?

There's one more quote from Still's The Work of the Pastor (published first in 1984) that I want to highlight before I set this book down for now.  (Note: the Lt. Col. Thomson whom Still mentions below was a sort of Barnabas to churches behind the Iron Curtain in the 20th Century).  Though he writes… Continue reading What Threatens to Smother the Church?

Coolness, Cash Cows, Cutting Edge, and Christianity

I'll never forget the time I told my Sunday School class that Christianity wasn't cool.  They shot me puzzled looks, thinking I was saying that Christianity is dumb.  After a little explanation, they pretty much agreed that it's not so cool.  This also reminds me of the first time I heard a youth pastor speak.  I… Continue reading Coolness, Cash Cows, Cutting Edge, and Christianity