Cults, Language, Terms, Definitions

If you’ve ever talked to a Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness, you probably noticed they used Christian terms quite openly.   For example, Mormons will generally say that Jesus is their savior.  They’ll say you have to have faith in Jesus to be saved and they’ll speak very highly of the Bible.  Jehovah’s Witnesses will also mention… Continue reading Cults, Language, Terms, Definitions

Christ our God

Christians have always confessed that Christ is divine – not a being less than or subordinate to God, but God himself.  Heretics in the early church fought against this doctrine; modern-day cults like Jehovah’s Witnesses still rail against it.  But the deity of Christ is one of the fundamental truths of biblical religion.  Jaroslav Pelikan… Continue reading Christ our God

The Fun Cult (or the Cult of Fun)

 Along with money, nature, sex, religion, youth, politics, and self, one common American idol is fun or entertainment.  Everything is advertised as being fun - from fun learning programs in schools, to fun office environments, to fun doctor's offices, fun rules the day.  This is such a major idol in America that some people can even make… Continue reading The Fun Cult (or the Cult of Fun)

Reading: Mormon Doctrine

What does your neighborhood LDS church teach? They call themselves Christians - is that an accurate label? I'm reading a book by Coke Newell, an important LDS who lives in Utah. The book is called Latter Days: A Guided Tour Through Six Billion Years of Mormonism (New York: St. Martin's Press, 2000). Though this is… Continue reading Reading: Mormon Doctrine