Dear Wormwood: Make Him Loathe The Church

 Discontent with church?  You [and I!] need to read this.  [It is from C.S. Lewis' brilliant work, The Screwtape Letters, (letter II).  Wormwood, a devil, receives instructions from his uncle Screwtape on how to get a person away from Christ.] "My Dear Wormwood: ...One of our great allies at present is the Church itself.  Do not misunderstand me. … Continue reading Dear Wormwood: Make Him Loathe The Church

Keller: The Reason for God (Part I)

So far, the reviews have been dead on: this book is remarkable (Timothy Keller, The Reason for God [New York: Dutton, 2008]).  I'll say more on it later.  For now, enjoy this blurb from pages 23-27. Keller responds to the ubiquitous atheist chorus: "If a good and powerful God exists, he would not allow pointless… Continue reading Keller: The Reason for God (Part I)