God the Peacemaker: A Review

The apostle Paul said that God, through Christ, was pleased "to reconcile to himself all things... by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross" (Col. 1:20 NIV).  God is the great peacemaker who brings peace through Jesus' death on the cross.  What exactly does this mean?  Graham Cole explores this theme in his… Continue reading God the Peacemaker: A Review

The Great Use of Knowing the Gospel (Perkins)

Early on in Galatians, Paul mentions the gospel: “…Jesus Christ, who gave himself for our sins to rescue us from this present evil age… (NIV).  William Perkins has some encouraging words in his commentary on this verse, which I’ll post below.  (Note: my copy of this commentary is in poor condition and written in old… Continue reading The Great Use of Knowing the Gospel (Perkins)

Every Real Martyr A Conqueror

One of the many volumes Abraham Kuyper wrote is called His Decease At Jerusalem.  It’s an excellent collection of devotional essays on Christ’s passion and death.  This morning I ran across the following paragraphs, in which Kuyper discussed the fact that Jesus’ followers slept while he labored in prayer concerning his upcoming suffering: “Seeing them… Continue reading Every Real Martyr A Conqueror

A Sad Heart and a Wet Eye

This is a pearl of a book: The True Bounds of Christian Freedom by Samuel Bolton (d. 1654).  In this work, Bolton (a member of the Westminster Assembly) explains in detail what it means that Christians are “free indeed” (John 8:36).  There are many excellent – and edifying! – parts of this book.  Below is… Continue reading A Sad Heart and a Wet Eye