A Critical, Scolding, Fault-Finding Ministry? (Grimke)

Sadly, some preaching is full of critical, fault-finding, and inflammatory themes and tones. Some preachers develop a hypercritical attitude and it constantly shows up in their preaching and teaching. All they ever seem to do is criticize other people and positions. And, of course, sometimes laypeople who constantly hear hypercritical sermons develop hypercritical attitudes themselves.… Continue reading A Critical, Scolding, Fault-Finding Ministry? (Grimke)

Critical Calvinists and Pride (Hughes, Bridges)

  One thing I've noticed over the years is the fact that some Calvinists are also very critical of others.  I know that some people in general are critical by nature, but to me it seems worse when someone who holds to the doctrines of grace is always super critical about others.  Maybe you've seen it:… Continue reading Critical Calvinists and Pride (Hughes, Bridges)

He Who Censures Often (Binning)

 Some of us might know people who are super critical of everything.  They always seem to be criticizing someone for something.  They never say anything nice about anyone but they find faults in everyone.  Everything they say is critical.  That's very annoying and even painful to deal with when the person is not a Christian;… Continue reading He Who Censures Often (Binning)