The ‘God-of-the-Gaps’ Caricature (Sickler)

Some opponents of Christianity accuse Christians of holding a "God-of-the-gaps" view of unexplainable natural phenomena. They attack this view as completely unscientific and they say it is yet another example of how Christians are stupid myth-believing people. But it's not quite that simple! I like how Bradley Sickler discusses this in chapter two of God… Continue reading The ‘God-of-the-Gaps’ Caricature (Sickler)

An Introduction to Evolution by Jack London

 When I was a teenager, I loved Jack London’s books The Call of the Wild and White Fang.  I recently read them again since I found they were free for Kindle readers.  I also searched for other free Jack London books on Kindle, and among others I found this London book: Before Adam.  Since it… Continue reading An Introduction to Evolution by Jack London

Darwinian Fundamentalism

 I've heard about Phillip Johnson's book, Darwin on Trial, but until recently I haven't read it.  And I'm very glad I finally did. This book does not deal with superficial issues.  It gets right to the heart of the matter by examining the logic, presuppositions, and religious aspects of Darwinism. Darwin on Trial captured my attention… Continue reading Darwinian Fundamentalism

Ancient Cosmology

   I've got a few flights and a short vacation in front of me, so one of the books I plan on reading is this 2009 IVP book by John Walton, The Lost World of Genesis One.  Andrew said I'd appreciate it, and based on the first few paragraphs of chapter one, I think I will. … Continue reading Ancient Cosmology

Moses Did Not Have A Timex (or a Casio)

   Herman Bavinck explains the days of creation in a very thought-provoking way (convincing, in my opinion).  He says they were six days of "extraordinary character" (Reformed Dogmatics, II.499)  Note: "triduum" means 3 day period. "The first formed and calculated in the biblical story in a way that differs from the second triduum.  The essence of a day and… Continue reading Moses Did Not Have A Timex (or a Casio)