Defining “Covenant” (Kline)

 Quite obviously the term and concept of covenant is a major theme in Scripture.  It's not always easy to define since there are quite a few covenants made in the Bible and since they are made in different cultures and time periods.  Having said that, I appreciate Meridith Kline's general definition of covenant: Of the… Continue reading Defining “Covenant” (Kline)

Why Do We Call It The Covenant Of “Grace”?

In Reformed theology, we call God’s oath to be God to his people and their seed the “covenant of grace.”  Beginning with the promise of One who would crush the head of the serpent in Genesis 3, God has covenanted with his people to be their deliverer.  The exact term “covenant of grace” is not… Continue reading Why Do We Call It The Covenant Of “Grace”?

The Covenant of Grace: A Trio of Characteristics

In his helpful summary of systematic theology called Our Reasonable Faith, Herman Bavinck defines the covenant of grace in a clear and concise way.  He introduces this section with these words: “When we give our attention to this historical development of the covenant of grace, we detect a trio of remarkable characteristics in it.”  What… Continue reading The Covenant of Grace: A Trio of Characteristics

Thomas Brooks on the Covenants

Last year, I purchased John Newton’s Works for my winter reading.  This winter, I purchased The Works of Thomas Brooks for that purpose.  John Newton’s works contain mostly letters and sermons/addresses, while Brooks’ works is more of a collection of his books (such as Precious Remedies, Apples of Gold, A String of Pearls, Heaven on… Continue reading Thomas Brooks on the Covenants

An Application of the Covenant of Grace

One reason I like Sacred Bond is because it gives the practical aspects of covenant theology.  For example, after discussing the covenant of grace, there are several different ways this doctrine is important for the Christian life.  Here is one "application" of the covenant of grace that is profoundly comforting for the Christian. "[The covenant… Continue reading An Application of the Covenant of Grace