Every Work Excluded (Colquhoun)

One of the great themes of the Reformation - and of the Apostle Paul - was that a sinner is justified not by works, but only by faith in Christ.  In other words, a sinner is justified by faith alone in Christ alone, not by any sort of obedience to the law in any way,… Continue reading Every Work Excluded (Colquhoun)

It Does Not Depend Upon Any Uncertain Condition (Witsius)

In Reformed theology distinctions are quite important.  There's a distinction between the law and the gospel, between justification and sanctification, and between the covenant of works and covenant of grace  (just to name a few).  Here is how Herman Witsius explained the difference between the latter: Here we are to observe a remarkable difference between… Continue reading It Does Not Depend Upon Any Uncertain Condition (Witsius)

The Covenant of Works and the Covenant of Peace (Vos)

Most of the books in my library are replaceable.  I do loan out my books and try to keep track of who has what.  But if one of these books would get lost, I wouldn't be too upset.  There are, however, a handful of books that I don't loan out because I have so much… Continue reading The Covenant of Works and the Covenant of Peace (Vos)

The Positive Elements of the Covenant of Works (Vos)

In volume 2 of his Reformed Dogmatics, Geerhardus Vos discusses (in detail) the covenant of works.  Here’s an outline of the main propositions concerning the federal headship of Adam in that covenant (I tweaked the formatting a bit to make it easier to follow the outline).     a)      Adam by nature was obliged to obey… Continue reading The Positive Elements of the Covenant of Works (Vos)

Vos on the Mosaic Covenant

Thanks to Logos Reformed, I’ve been enjoying the first two volumes of Geerhardus Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics (English translation).  In these volumes, and among other things, Vos discusses Reformed covenant theology extensively (the covenant of redemption, the covenant of works, and the covenant of grace).  Here’s a section of Vos’ longer discussion on the place of… Continue reading Vos on the Mosaic Covenant