Why Reformed Churches Don’t Rebaptize

Confessional Reformed/Presbyterian churches don’t rebaptize a Christian who comes from another church to join theirs.  The Westminster Confession of Faith (28:7) says “the sacrament of baptism is but once to be administered to any person.”  For example, if a person was baptized in a Roman Catholic, Methodist, Brethren, or Baptist church, he or she would… Continue reading Why Reformed Churches Don’t Rebaptize

Children, Church, New Covenant: Not Narrower, but Wider

  Since I'm the pastor of a Reformation church where there are very few Reformed churches, one question I get is, "Why do you baptize children? Are you Roman Catholic?"  The short answer is no, we're not at all Roman Catholic, we're Reformed.  We baptize children because we're a Reformed church.  All Reformed/Presbyterian churches baptize infants, not just ours. … Continue reading Children, Church, New Covenant: Not Narrower, but Wider