Christian Courage or Christian Compromise? (Guinness)

 "Impossible People" is an excellent book by Os Guinness that discusses what it means to courageously and faithfully follow Jesus in our Western culture that is more and more antagonistic towards the claims of the Christian faith.  We always need a call to stand up for the truth when the going gets tough.  This applies… Continue reading Christian Courage or Christian Compromise? (Guinness)

Do Not Forget Le Chambon (Guinness/Hallie)

 I've been impressed with Os Guinness' book - more of a study guide - called When No One Sees: The Importance of Character in an Age of Image.  It's basically a study guide on character: the importance of character, character in the crucible, cultural erosion of character, spiritual foundations for strong character, and heroes of character.… Continue reading Do Not Forget Le Chambon (Guinness/Hallie)

Ryan Job: Duty, Courage, Faith

There are certain people in this world that are just plain inspiring.  Maybe you know someone who is a solid Christian and also a principled helper and encourager - devoted to Christ, his family, and others.  These are people you enjoy being around because God uses them to bless you in various ways.  Ryan Job… Continue reading Ryan Job: Duty, Courage, Faith