Our Finite Knowledge (Van Til)

 One aspect of being a human, a created being, is that our knowledge is limited and finite. For example, in Job 38ff God's rhetorical questions show that Job is neither omnipotent (do you give the horse its might? 39:19) nor omniscient (do you know the ordinances of the heavens? 38:33).  In fact, after God's rebuke, Job… Continue reading Our Finite Knowledge (Van Til)

Presupposing God’s Existence (Van Til)

Presuppositionalism is a helpful tool in the toolbox of the Christian apologist.  What does "presuppositional apologetics" mean?  Cornelius Van Til said it very well (of course!): "...The existence of the God of Christian theism and the conception of his counsel as controlling all things in the universe is the only presupposition which can account for… Continue reading Presupposing God’s Existence (Van Til)

The Dilemma of Unbelief

This is a helpful book on the topic of presuppositional apologetics: Every Thought Captive by Richard Pratt.  I appreciate the following paragraphs that highlight the dilemma of unbelief.“On the one hand, if the unbeliever claims to have absolute certainty, he can do so only by ignoring his total uncertainty.  As illustrated before, certainty is impossible… Continue reading The Dilemma of Unbelief