Reformed Theology at Odds with Dispensationalism

In his excellent book on eschatology Cornelis Venema spends some time evaluating and critiquing dispensationalism from a Reformed and biblical perspective.  Reformed theology is at odds with dispensationalism in several ways.  One of the major differences is the understanding of promise/fulfillment and type/reality between the Old and New Testaments.  There is much more to the… Continue reading Reformed Theology at Odds with Dispensationalism

Wright, Reformation, and Gospel

I’ve found Cornelis Venema’s The Gospel of Free Acceptance in Christ to be a great Reformed resource for interacting with recent revisions of justification as found in the New Perspectives on Paul.  Venema’s chapter describing N. T. Wright’s perspective on Paul is especially helpful, clear, and fair.  As I read this chapter (5), I tried… Continue reading Wright, Reformation, and Gospel

Sola Fide: The Only Source of God-Pleasing Obedience

Here are some great and comforting words by Cornelis Venema on faith alone (sola fide) and Christian obedience. “For the Reformers, ‘faith alone,’ far from being detrimental to the Christian life of good works, is the only basis and source of Christian obedience.  To place works before justification, as though they played a role in… Continue reading Sola Fide: The Only Source of God-Pleasing Obedience

The Reformers and Faith Alone

    "To express the unique suitability of faith to receive the gift of free justification, the Reformers used a variety of expressions.  Calvin, for example, spoke of faith as an 'empty vessel' in order to stress its character as a receptacle that brings nothing to God but receives all things from him.  Luther used the… Continue reading The Reformers and Faith Alone

Young Children at the Lord’s Table?

Herman Bavinck gives some biblical reasons why Reformed/Presbyterian confessional churches do not allow infants to partake of the Lord's Supper.  He gives quite a few different biblical reasons, but I want to highlight only a few of them (note - these are my numbers to make it easier to read, though Bavinck had more than… Continue reading Young Children at the Lord’s Table?