Various Ways to Faith

I've often heard it said that though there is only one way to the Father - through Jesus - there are many ways to Jesus.  In other words, there are various ways people come to faith in Christ.  Therefore, we should never make our experience of coming to Christ a paradigm for others when they… Continue reading Various Ways to Faith

Fanaticism Is Not Faith (Or: One Conversion Will Suffice)

Ichabod Spencer's A Pastor's Sketches is an excellent resource of a 19th-century pastor's deeply spiritual conversations with various people in his ministry.  In one journal entry, Spencer talked about a young woman who claimed to have been converted three times in a church that emphasized revivals, emotions, and experiences.  Her emotions and affections were excited,… Continue reading Fanaticism Is Not Faith (Or: One Conversion Will Suffice)

Openness Unhindered: A Review

I recently read Openness Unhindered by Rosaria Butterfield.  This book is a sequel or follow-up to her previous title, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert. In fact, the first chapter is a summary of her first book which gave the story of her conversion to Christianity.  The rest of the book gives more detail… Continue reading Openness Unhindered: A Review

A Review of Washer’s “Gospel Assurance”

Paul Washer’s book, Gospel Assurance & Warnings (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2014) is the third book in the “Recovering the Gospel” series.  Basically, it is a collection of Particular/Strict Baptist sermons on the themes of true and false assurance and conversion found in 1 John and Matthew 7:13-27.  The book has two main parts:… Continue reading A Review of Washer’s “Gospel Assurance”

Owen on “Enthusiastical Ecstasies”

  I really appreciate this section of John Owen's discussion of regeneration in his book, The Holy Spirit: His Gifts and Power.  Since the arrival of Pentecostalism in the West around 100 years ago, some people have wrongly taught and thought that regeneration and conversion have to do with elation, ecstasy, frenzy, convulsions, or some… Continue reading Owen on “Enthusiastical Ecstasies”