The Joy of Conversion (Sproul)

Here's an autobiographical note from R. C. Sproul in his book, Five Things Every Christian Needs to Grow. I've read these paragraphs a few times and they still bring a smile to my face when I read them again. The time of greatest joy in my life was my conversion to Christ, the defining moment… Continue reading The Joy of Conversion (Sproul)

The Lord’s Return to Me (Newton)

For the last twelve years or so I've very much enjoyed reading John Newton's works - letters, sermons, and hymns. Newton's memoirs are also very much worth reading! Below is a part from his memoirs where Newton recounts his conversion. It's important to note that his conversion wasn't an instant experience; it didn't happen overnight.… Continue reading The Lord’s Return to Me (Newton)

The Theme of Conversion in Paul’s Letter to Philemon (Pao)

  David Pao's commentary on Philemon has been helpful for me as I've preached through this letter Paul wrote to Philemon and the church that met in his (Philemon's) house.  Today I read Pao's concluding application remarks and found some good and appropriate points based on Paul's appeal to Philemon to receive Onesimus back as a brother… Continue reading The Theme of Conversion in Paul’s Letter to Philemon (Pao)

Preaching and the Holy Spirit (Kuyper)

 Most of us know that God uses preachers to bring the gospel to the lost (Rom 10:14).  It's equally true that the preacher is not the one who deserves credit when someone comes to saving faith in Christ (cf. Acts 16:14).  In Reformed theology, we say that ordinarily God effectually calls the elect by the… Continue reading Preaching and the Holy Spirit (Kuyper)

The Radical Duality of Anabaptist Ecclesiology (Bavinck)

(This is a repost from August 2015) One thing that Herman Bavinck did so well was put his finger on the pulse of the radical Anabaptist theology in the post-reformation era.  Here’s one of his many penetrating insights into the Anabaptist dualism. “Anabaptism proceeded from the premise of an absolute antithesis between creation and re-creation,… Continue reading The Radical Duality of Anabaptist Ecclesiology (Bavinck)