On Calvinists, Conflict, and Controversy (Newton)

There are some areas of the Christian faith that are not matters of chief importance.  They are important, but not essentially or fundamentally important.  For example, there are different views of Christian schooling, different views of the elements of the Lord’s Supper (grape juice or wine), different views of how deacons should function in a… Continue reading On Calvinists, Conflict, and Controversy (Newton)

Is Anybody Wrong?

 J. C. Ryle wrote this around 150 years ago (though it could have been written yesterday): "We live in an age when men profess to dislike dogmas and creeds, and are filled with a morbid dislike to controversial theology.  He who dares to say of one doctrine that 'it is true' and of another that 'it… Continue reading Is Anybody Wrong?