I Hate My Sin!

A true Christian not only recognizes his own sin and openly confesses it to God, but also mourns over his sin because it is offensive to God and his law.  While we shouldn’t judge a person’s repentance by the amount of tears he sheds, we can safely say that a true Christian will feel godly… Continue reading I Hate My Sin!

Powerful Motives to Repentance

Thomas Watson’s little booklet on repentance is an excellent resource on confessing sin.  In chapter seven he gives a list of “powerful motives to repentance.”  Here are some of them, edited a bit for length and readability.  What are the benefits of a repentance and humility?  Why should we truly repent of our sins? 1)… Continue reading Powerful Motives to Repentance

A Contrite Heart (The Prayer of John Newton)

When John Newton was still young in years (25 or so) and young in Christ (only a year or two), he sometimes lamented his slow spiritual growth.  Here's a prayer of his from January 1, 1754.  It is really a prayer all Christians can (should!?) pray.  This is exactly what it means to have a… Continue reading A Contrite Heart (The Prayer of John Newton)