Contextualizing, Adapting, Translating, Explaining

The Newbigin Reader is a great introduction to the life and thought of Lesslie Newbigin (d. 1998).  I've benefited in many ways from his perspective on missions and epistemology.  I highly recommend him as a solid resource in these areas.  Here's one emphasis he repeats in several places - an emphasis that has really challenged me in… Continue reading Contextualizing, Adapting, Translating, Explaining

Discovering Church Planting

 Discovering Church Planting by J. D. Payne is an oustanding resource for church planters, seminary students, churches involved in church planting, and everyone else who has a vested interest in planting churches at home or abroad.  It is comprehensive, easy to read, structured well, and simple to use for reference.   Before going into more detail, I want… Continue reading Discovering Church Planting

Vintage Church: Acts 29 Church Plant Manual (Sort of)

 Update: In recent weeks (Nov-Dec 2011) Mark Driscoll has gone on record with some explicit claims of continuing revelation. We appreciate Driscoll's ability to formulate and teach a few aspects of Reformed theology quite well, but we do not in any way agree with the notion that God continues to reveal himself to us apart… Continue reading Vintage Church: Acts 29 Church Plant Manual (Sort of)