Contentment and the Promises of God (Burroughs)

True contentment is one of the greatest spiritual virtues. A Christian who is content is not one you'll find grumbling or complaining. A Christian who is content will not have the bitterness of heart that comes from jealousy and envy. If you are a follower of Jesus who is content you will not be running… Continue reading Contentment and the Promises of God (Burroughs)

Contentment and Bioethics

David VanDrunen's helpful book on bioethics has a great section on Christian virtues.  One of them is contentment, which has much to do with ethics in general but also bioethics more specifically.  VanDrunen explains. "The virtue of contentment is crucial for bioethics in large part because bioethical questions usually emerge as a result of dissatisfaction with our current state of… Continue reading Contentment and Bioethics

The Art and Jewel of Contentment

 Working through Burrough's Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment has been a great exercise.  I'm not quite finished with it, but so far I've been making many little notes based on Burrough's wisdom.   There are some aspects of it I probably wouldn't capitalize on, but others I am trying to etch in my memory and on my… Continue reading The Art and Jewel of Contentment