Choice, Truth, Authority (Guinness)

 In his 2016 publication Impossible People, Os Guinness shares some very helpful insight on our cultural situation as it relates to the historic Christian faith.  This is a very good book; I'm sure I'll mention it here again.  Right now I want to note the section where Guinness gives three examples of the damage modernity… Continue reading Choice, Truth, Authority (Guinness)

Marketing, the Church, and Christ

This is a fascinating book: Brand Jesus: Christianity in a Consumerist Age by Tyler Stevenson.  If I remember correctly, one of our readers recommended it several months ago.  Anyway, I just finished it this morning.  I’m not going to give a full review here, but I do want to say that it is a worth-while… Continue reading Marketing, the Church, and Christ

“Except” by Eugene Peterson

Here’s a great mini-essay from Eugene Peterson’s Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places. “In our present culture all of us find that we are studied, named, and treated as functions and things.  ‘Consumer’ is the catch-all term for the way we are viewed.  From an early age we are looked upon as individuals who can… Continue reading “Except” by Eugene Peterson

The Coolest Church In Town!

Here's an excerpt of Hipster Christianity worth reading. "Part of the new 'rethink everything!' disposition of evangelicalism in the eighties and nineties was an aggressively commercialistic development of an evangelical subculture.  A mind-set of 'whatever the secular culture can do, we can do too - only Christianly!' arose.  As a result, we saw the birth… Continue reading The Coolest Church In Town!

Consumerism and Marketing: An Anatomy

 This is one of the most fascinating sociology books I've read: Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom.  I realize it isn't a theological or even Christian book, but it is quite applicable to theology and the Christian life as it reveals the strategies companies use to make us buy their products.  The subtitle is telling: "Tricks Companies… Continue reading Consumerism and Marketing: An Anatomy