Take My Life and Let It Be (Or: Kept for the Master’s Use)

 Most of us know the hymn "Take My Life and Let It Be" by Frances Havergal. It's a prayer that the Lord would use every part of our life for his glory and the good of other people. Speaking of Havergal, at one point when B.B. Warfield was critiquing the "Victorious Life" movement of the… Continue reading Take My Life and Let It Be (Or: Kept for the Master’s Use)

Surrender and Consecration: Life and Ministry

Many of B. B. Warfield’s Princeton sermons are wonderful and edifying pieces to read.  One that I appreciate is from Acts 22:10 (What shall I do, Lord?) called “Surrender and Consecration.”  Here are two paragraphs from it – the second one applies to ministers of the gospel.  These words make me think of the hymn… Continue reading Surrender and Consecration: Life and Ministry