From a Pastor to His New Congregation (Kuyper)

When Abraham Kuyper arrived in Amsterdam in August, 1870, he gave an inaugural sermon to the Reformed congregation that he had been called to shepherd. This sermon is called "Rooted and Grounded" and it is found in the volume On the Church by Abraham Kuyper. In this sermon Kuyper talked about how the church is… Continue reading From a Pastor to His New Congregation (Kuyper)

How To Encourage Good Preaching in Your Church

This short booklet, Listen Up! by Christopher Ash is a good one for churches to stock up on and hand out to members and visitors.  I’ve mentioned it here before.  I appreciated the very last page of the book where Ash discusses how church members can encourage good preaching in their own churches (I’ve listed… Continue reading How To Encourage Good Preaching in Your Church

Quotes On Listening

Studying James 1.19-25 this week led me to think long and hard about the virtue of good listening - specifically listening to God's Word (v 22; cf Ecc. 5.1-2, Prov 10.19, etc).  It is so hard to be a good listener in our noisy and entertainment-driven culture of texting and images.  I enjoy movies and… Continue reading Quotes On Listening

Conversations with Barth on Preaching

"Preaching is utterly dependent upon a God who raises the dead and who calls some people to tell about it.  If there is no God to make the preacher's sermon 'work,' then the preacher is the greatest of fools.  The messenger is disposable by, dispensable to, and derivative of the message.  We have this treasure… Continue reading Conversations with Barth on Preaching