Why Christians Need Confessions

  What good are confessions in a church?  Or, in other words, biblical confessions are a blessing for the church and the Christian.  But how?1) Confessions delimit church power.  …This is what stops churches from becoming cults: clear and open statements about where church authority begins and ends, connected to transparent processes of exercising that… Continue reading Why Christians Need Confessions

Yes, You Do Have A Creed

  One major thesis in Carl Trueman’s new book, The Creedal Imperative, is that all Christians have creeds.  He argues well that no Christian or church simply believes the Bible.  In other words, no Christian, when asked what they believe, is going to start reading Genesis 1:1 and end at the last verse of Revelation. … Continue reading Yes, You Do Have A Creed

We All Have Creeds…

 For those readers of ours who worship at a church without a creed, this book is for you: The Creedal Imperative by Carl Trueman.  Also, this book is for readers of ours whose church used to be confessional, but has now tucked the confessions away in the closet of dusty irrelevance.  Finally, if you are… Continue reading We All Have Creeds…

A Diagnosis for/of Reformed Churches

  What is a Reformed church?  What do Presbyterian and Reformed churches look like - in their theology, worship, and piety?  Scott Clark contends "that the word [Reformed] denotes a confession, a theology, piety, and practice that are well known and well defined and summarized in ecclesiastically sanctioned and binding documents" [the Westminster Standards and… Continue reading A Diagnosis for/of Reformed Churches