The Characteristics of Christian Communion: The Fellowship of the Saints (Boston)

Historic Christian theology affirms the reality of the communion (or fellowship) of the saints. In the historic Creed we say, "I believe...the communion of the saints." It's a confession that we believe in the biblical truth that there's a deep bond among and between followers of Jesus. The NT word is fellowship (κοινωνία - koinonia).… Continue reading The Characteristics of Christian Communion: The Fellowship of the Saints (Boston)

The Physical Presence of Other Believers (Perkins)

"Dream with Me" by John Perkins is a helpful autobiographical reflection on the Christian life through the eyes of a man who has seen much evil and darkness. Yet he did not give in to the darkness or fight darkness with darkness, but by God's grace let his light shine in various ways and blessed… Continue reading The Physical Presence of Other Believers (Perkins)

The Marks of Biblical Friendship (Holmes)

  What does the Bible teach about true friendship?  It does teach that a friend loves at all times (Prov. 17:17), but it teaches more than that!  Here’s a nice, brief summary of this topic by Jonathan Holmes: What are the marks of a biblical friendship?  Here’s what Holmes says based on several Proverbs (I’ve… Continue reading The Marks of Biblical Friendship (Holmes)

On Friendship: A Review of “The Company We Keep”

In the past few years, I’ve been thinking on and off about friendships.  It seems to me that many people don’t have good, close friends whom they trust, confide in, and help.  I’ve noticed that a lot of people would rather be alone or not get too close to others; a text or Facebook message… Continue reading On Friendship: A Review of “The Company We Keep”

Communion of the Saints

  Here are some things to think about concerning Christian fellowship, or, in the words of the Creed, “the communion of the saints.”  Eugene Peterson spoke the following in a 1981 interview.  “…When we arrived [at our present church home], one of our goals was to develop spiritual community.  I thought it would be pretty… Continue reading Communion of the Saints