Parents, Children, Smartphones (Turkle)

 Smartphones have helped us communicate and keep in touch better than ever before.  There is upside to this.  I can text my wife and tell her I'll grab a pizza for supper.  She can respond and remind me to get milk.  The list goes on.  There are also downsides to smartphones and keeping in touch.… Continue reading Parents, Children, Smartphones (Turkle)

Preaching and Adjectives by David Buttrick

  Years back, I heard a sermon that was loaded with adjectives; the adjectives were something like "sermon bling."  Afterwards, an old-school elder came up to me and said something like this: "Too many adjectives in a sermon is a sin."  Then he walked away.  (I'll never forget it!)  That was his way of saying what Buttrick says here.… Continue reading Preaching and Adjectives by David Buttrick