The Two Kingdoms and Christian Ethics

One of the worst misrepresentations of the Reformation teaching of God's two kingdoms that I've heard goes like this: "Two kingdom theology means that we only have to live as Christians on Sunday but not the rest of the week."  This notion is completely mistaken in every way; it is absolutely not at all an… Continue reading The Two Kingdoms and Christian Ethics

Common Grace and Christian Piety in the Patristics

There are some awesome pieces of Christian literature in the Ante Nicene Fathers.  One that stands out is Theonas of Alexandria's epistle to Lucianus, a Christian who worked in the office of the emperor (around the end of the 3rd Century AD). Bishop Theonas exhorted Lucianus to do his job for the government with utmost… Continue reading Common Grace and Christian Piety in the Patristics

Bavinck on the Noahic Covenant: The Covenant With Nature

Herman Bavinck is most helpful when it comes to explaining the details of the Noahic covenant. First of all, he puts it in volume III of Dogmatics, under the covenant of grace instead of volume II where he puts the covenant of works. Speaking of the covenant of grace and the post-flood administration, "we must… Continue reading Bavinck on the Noahic Covenant: The Covenant With Nature