Tax-Collectors in NT Stories: On Using Bible Dictionaries/Lexicons

More and more I've realized that having a few good Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias often reduces the need to use so many commentaries when studying Scripture. Included in that list of dictionaries or encyclopedias would be Greek and Hebrew lexicons/dictionaries. Sometimes I have translated and studied a text in Scripture using several dictionaries and lexicons.… Continue reading Tax-Collectors in NT Stories: On Using Bible Dictionaries/Lexicons

A Logos Sale List: Good Books!

I noticed that Logos is running a pretty good sale on some pretty good commentaries. Seeing this, I thought it would be helpful to get a list down. Hopefully, this is useful to some of our readers! My apologies ahead of time if I made any mistakes on the prices/list. The Ancient Christian Commentary on… Continue reading A Logos Sale List: Good Books!

Exegetical Helps/Summaries

 For the last few years, I've been using the various volumes of the "Exegetical Summary" series.  It's a set of books that provide an exegetical commentary on biblical texts.   These exegetical summaries are published by SIL (the Summer Institute of Language). I haven't used all of them, but I always appreciate them when I… Continue reading Exegetical Helps/Summaries

Logos 7: A Review

I've been using Logos Bible software for Bible study and sermon preparation since June 2014.  Though I wouldn't say it has changed my life, I would say that it has seriously improved my studies.  I realize Bible study software can become a crutch that hinders thinking, since it is tempting to let the software do… Continue reading Logos 7: A Review

One Text, One Meaning?

I’m often amazed and even edified when several different preachers or commentators preach or comment on the same text and emphasize different themes, points, and applications.  It’s good for us as Christians to realize that Scripture is quite deep and rich; it’s not like one sermon or one commentary can say all there is to… Continue reading One Text, One Meaning?