Love, Fellowship, and the Church (Stott)

Reading through parts of John Stott's Basic Christianity again is a pleasant exercise. This afternoon I was reading the section Stott wrote about the church. The whole section is too long to share here, but I've put some parts of it below. May it be a source of encouragement and direction for you today! Sin… Continue reading Love, Fellowship, and the Church (Stott)

Using Our Gifts (Guinness)

This is my favorite book on Christian calling (vocation): The Call by Os Guinness. I just took it down off my shelf again and I hope to re-read it this week. Here's one section I found just now as I was looking for something in the book. It's a section I have marked up extensively.… Continue reading Using Our Gifts (Guinness)

The Weak and the Strong in the Church (Augustine)

The story of Jesus walking on the water is one of those stories about Jesus that stick with us (see Mt. 14:22-33). It sticks with us for various reasons - one being that Peter got out there and walked on the water as well until fear got the best of him. Speaking of Peter, don’t… Continue reading The Weak and the Strong in the Church (Augustine)

She Was Devoted to Serving the Church

Around 395 AD some Christians in and around Constantinople were being persecuted for their faith. One such Christian who faced persecution was Pentadia, a deaconess of the church there in Constantinople. After her husband was found and banished from the city, Pentadia was also targeted. Her story intersects with that of Chrysostom. Here's how one… Continue reading She Was Devoted to Serving the Church

On Not Broadcasting a Worship Service (Lloyd-Jones)

Sometime during the 1960s D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached in the United States at a church that broadcasted the evening service on the radio. You can find this story in chapter 13 of Preaching & Preachers. At the end of his story about preaching at this worship service, Lloyd-Jones gave his opinion on broadcasting a service… Continue reading On Not Broadcasting a Worship Service (Lloyd-Jones)