Wormwood: Make Him Church Shop

I love this section of Screwtape Letters where Screwtape, the older demon, gives his young demon-nephew Wormwood some tips on duping “churchgoing” Christians.  Screwtape says that if Wormwood can’t get a certain Christian to skip church altogether, the next best thing is to get him to church shop/hop, in a cynical and critical way, never… Continue reading Wormwood: Make Him Church Shop

Cyprian, Calvin, and Church (S)Hopping

  (This is a slightly edited repost from January, 2010) Around 252 A.D. Cyprian wrote a letter to several Christians (Maximus, Urbanus, Sidonius, and Macharius) who had recently been received back into the church after they had left under persecution.  They repented, professed faith, and after time were allowed full fellowship once again.  Cyprian rejoices… Continue reading Cyprian, Calvin, and Church (S)Hopping

Church as Business (Driscoll)

 "The assumption that everyone is a customer to be marketed to is a great pitfall for those who proclaim the gospel, because we tend to cast God as a product, and as mainstream a product as possible.  After all, scriptural teaching about the curse, death as the wages of sin, the flooding of the earth,… Continue reading Church as Business (Driscoll)