Church Planting Teams

There are several different methods of church planting.  One method worth discussing is church planting teams.  Craig Ott and Gene Wilson have a helpful chapter on this topic in their book Global Church Planting.  Here are a few highlights from that chapter. "A team is a group of people with complementary skills who are committed… Continue reading Church Planting Teams

R. Morrison: Pioneer of the Gospel to China

 Robert Morrison (d. 1834) arrived in China on September 7, 1807 as "the pioneer of the gospel to nearly a quarter of the world's population."  Here's how Bob Davey describes Morrison's story in his excellent book, The Power to Save: A History of the Gospel in China.  "Robert Morrison had been sent to China by the London… Continue reading R. Morrison: Pioneer of the Gospel to China

Missions in North America: The Hard Post-Christian Soil

 In many ways, Lesslie Newbigin has helped me think through the implications of the gospel in Western culture.  He well noted that Christianity in the West has, for the most part, been domesticated into one religion among many - a private religion a person can "use" if it helps him through life.  What's the outcome of this privatized… Continue reading Missions in North America: The Hard Post-Christian Soil

The Creator/Creature Distinction, Missions, and Church Planting

 Most Christians probably haven't thought how the biblical distinction between the Creator (the triune God) and creation (the universe and everything in it) has a lot to do with missions, evangelism, and even church planting.  Read this section in Chris Wright's The Mission of God, where he shows how a the Creator/creature distinction has much… Continue reading The Creator/Creature Distinction, Missions, and Church Planting

Church Planting and the Christian Bubble

  Here's a great paragraph on the cultural aspect of church planting. "Most church planters work within their own culture, and consequently they speak the language and feel at home.  Yet even when one is working in one's native culture, communicating the gospel still presents a challenge.  The longer a person has been a Christian, the… Continue reading Church Planting and the Christian Bubble