Planting Churches: What Kind?

 In light of many church planting books I've read, studied, and blogged, I want to recommend Michael Horton's new one, The Gospel Commission.  In my reading, studies, and discussions I've noticed that many church plant books, movements, and networks are lacking in the area of ecclesiology.  (Use our search feature on the left to find and read other church plant… Continue reading Planting Churches: What Kind?

Discovering Church Planting

 Discovering Church Planting by J. D. Payne is an oustanding resource for church planters, seminary students, churches involved in church planting, and everyone else who has a vested interest in planting churches at home or abroad.  It is comprehensive, easy to read, structured well, and simple to use for reference.   Before going into more detail, I want… Continue reading Discovering Church Planting

Stetzer and Bird on Church Planting

This is a good book  for church planters to read: Ed Stetzer and Warren Bird's Viral Churches.  Though I don't agree with everything they write, this book did get me thinking in quite a few helpful directions.  Here are some of my favorite quotes. "We think everyone ought to care about church planting and we're… Continue reading Stetzer and Bird on Church Planting