Only The Word

Here are some great words from Gary Gilley in his book, This Little Church Stayed Home – a follow up to his earlier book, This Little Church Went To Market. “This is how God proposes his church be built up – through the careful, accurate and clear preaching and teaching of his Word.  Nothing else… Continue reading Only The Word


If you've been reading this blog for more than a year or two, you know I very much appreciate Os Guinness' books.  This one is no exception: Dining With the Devil: The Megachurch Movement Flirts with Modernity.  Though it is nearly 20 years old, it still speaks profoundly to the crisis in American Christianity -… Continue reading Relevance

American Churches: The Evangelical Answer to Home Depot

  You've got to get this book: This Little Church Went to Market by Gary Gilley (Darlington: EP Books, 2010 [reprint]).  The subtitle is telling: "Is the Modern Church Reaching Out or Selling out?"  In this book, Gilley takes on the American church growth industry.  From Saddleback to Willow Creek to Lee Strobel to Bill Hybels, churches and church… Continue reading American Churches: The Evangelical Answer to Home Depot