Learning About God From God: Athenagoras

Athenagoras (d. c. 200 AD?) was an able Christian apologist in the early church.  Before he became a Christian, he was a Greek philosopher.  After he became a Christian, he used his gifts to defend the Christian faith against the opposition of the Roman government that was hostile to Christians.  One of Athenagoras’ writings that… Continue reading Learning About God From God: Athenagoras

Cyprian’s Compendium of Religion

Among his many epistles and treatises, Cyprian (d. 258 AD) wrote a series of precepts or doctrinal points on various aspects of the Christian faith.  They are one sentence summaries of some basic biblical truths along with proof texts for each truth.  In one of these “books,” Cyprian gives a succinct “summary of heavenly precepts”… Continue reading Cyprian’s Compendium of Religion

The Fathers, Medieval Doctors, and the Reformers: Continuity in Scripture and Theology

 I appreciate how Richard Muller shows that the Reformers’ view of Scripture had its roots in the theology of the church fathers and medieval doctors.  We have a wrong view of the Reformation if we fail to understand that the Reformers stood on the shoulders of those who came before them in the church.  (Notice… Continue reading The Fathers, Medieval Doctors, and the Reformers: Continuity in Scripture and Theology

Prayer: Not As The Hypocrites…

I’ve been enjoying Christopher Hall’s study of the early church’s worship.  Though I don’t agree with every point, and though I think sometimes Hall’s comments seem to get in the way of his explanations, this book is an insightful glimpse into the early Christian church and her worship of the triune God.  Here’s one section… Continue reading Prayer: Not As The Hypocrites…

The Faith of Our Fathers

In the first of his five-volume series on the history and doctrinal developments of the Christian church, Jaroslav Pelikan evaluates, explains, and summarizes the Christian beliefs of the catholic (universal) church from 100-600 AD.  Since many people today are writing - and duped by - historical revisions of the early church and its beliefs, it… Continue reading The Faith of Our Fathers