The Blind Faith of Naturalism (Colson)

Growing up, I remember overhearing Chuck Colson's "Breakpoint" from my mom's kitchen radio.  Sometimes I would stop and listen.  I grew to appreciate his commentary, even though I didn't always agree with all of it.  Here's part of a previously unpublished memo of Colson's from around 10 or 15 years ago: It never ceases to… Continue reading The Blind Faith of Naturalism (Colson)

Marriage, Sex, and Moral Nihilism

Here’s another helpful excerpt from one of Chuck Colson’s previously unpublished short essays: “We have an absolute duty to start training our children in [the] biblical worldview when they are just beyond the toddler years.  They’ve got to start understanding that there are some basic truths in life, and that if we abandon them, the… Continue reading Marriage, Sex, and Moral Nihilism

Anger, Consumerism, and Big Government

I’m very much enjoying Chuck Colson’s My Final Word, which is a collection of his previously unpublished short articles.  While I don’t agree with everything Colson wrote, much of it is wise, timely, and helpful.  For instance, in one short article from around ten years ago he noted a puzzling fact: even though the United… Continue reading Anger, Consumerism, and Big Government