The Battle Belongs to God! (Wright)

I mentioned this book a few years ago: The Mission of God by Christopher Wright.  Since it is an excellent resource, I've used it again from time to time in my studies.  This morning while studying the "nations" theme in Luke 24:47 (...repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all… Continue reading The Battle Belongs to God! (Wright)

The OT and Christian Missions

 Christopher Wright’s The Mission of God is an outstanding contribution to the fields of hermeneutics, biblical theology, missions, and evangelism (among others).  It is a unique and amazing resource for pastors, church planters, missionaries, and any Christian interested in a detailed yet readable study of the mission of our Triune God.  Here’s one short quote… Continue reading The OT and Christian Missions

“The Abrahamic Position in Babylon”

 I recently spoke to a friend about how Jeremiah’s letter (Jer. 29) to the Jewish exiles in Babylon is quite applicable to Christians today – in whatever country they live.  I like how Christopher Wright talks about this on pages 99-100 of The Mission of God.  Note: I’ve edited it slightly for the purpose of… Continue reading “The Abrahamic Position in Babylon”

The Mystery of Evil

This section of Christopher Wright's fine book, The God I Don't Understand has cause me to think (which is part of the reason I like it!).  In fact, I'm still thinking about it.  Here it is: "...God has revealed to us vast amounts of truth in the Bible - about God himself, about creation, about… Continue reading The Mystery of Evil

The Apostle Paul Confronting Idolatry

Here's a helpful summary of how Paul confronted idolatry in his epistle to the church in Rome compared with his interactions with Gentiles (recorded in Acts by Luke). "Comparing Paul's theological argument to Christians in Romans 1 with his evangelistic preaching to pagans recorded in Acts, there is a marked difference of tone, even though… Continue reading The Apostle Paul Confronting Idolatry