We Share in Christ’s Anointing

When studying the person and work of Christ in Scripture, one thing we should not overlook is how Christ is our prophet, priest, and king. Throughout the Bible one can find language and themes that highlight Christ's role of being the final and great prophet (Heb. 1:1-3). There's language throughout Hebrews about Christ having the… Continue reading We Share in Christ’s Anointing

Which Jesus Do You Worship? (Machen)

 Many people will say something positive about Jesus.  I've heard someone who didn't profess to be a Christian tell me he thought Jesus was a good guy.  I also had a Mormon get upset with me because I told him the Mormon religion and the Christian faith are worlds apart.  He got in my face… Continue reading Which Jesus Do You Worship? (Machen)

Christ our God

Christians have always confessed that Christ is divine – not a being less than or subordinate to God, but God himself.  Heretics in the early church fought against this doctrine; modern-day cults like Jehovah’s Witnesses still rail against it.  But the deity of Christ is one of the fundamental truths of biblical religion.  Jaroslav Pelikan… Continue reading Christ our God

Bonhoeffer and Barth

 Sections like this in Bonhoeffer’s writings always make me wonder how much Barth influenced him; they also make me hesitate to think of and speak of Bonhoeffer as an evangelical in the present day sense of the term.  Here’s the section found on pages 194 & 197 of his Ethics: “The Christian ethic speaks in… Continue reading Bonhoeffer and Barth

Mark’s Narrative and Christology

Mark’s Gospel is obviously centered on the person and work of Jesus.  Mark uses stories, imagery, parables, and speeches to give readers a clear and detailed introduction to Jesus of Nazareth (and what it means to follow him).  Speaking of Christology in Mark’s Gospel, I appreciate Eugene Boring’s helpful summary list of the titles of… Continue reading Mark’s Narrative and Christology