Dear Preacher, Love With Intensity

The other day I was reading a prayer by Augustine in which he asked the Lord to strengthen his love for other Christians.  Machen takes this theme and applies it to the preacher.  These are outstanding words, and all Christian leaders should take them to heart. "I know some preachers who are very good men,… Continue reading Dear Preacher, Love With Intensity

Luther on the Christian Sabbath

"Now, therefore, the sum and substance of this is that he [Jesus] confronts them [the Pharisees in Luke 14.1-11] straight to their faces, showing them that they don't know what it means to keep or sanctify the Sabbath.  Your thinking, he says, is that the Sabbath means to do no work whatever and to be… Continue reading Luther on the Christian Sabbath

Bernard of Clairvaux on Loving God

After reading Bernard of Clairvaux's (d. 1153) Selected Works edited by Emilie Griffin, I can see why Luther, Calvin, the Puritans, and many others have appreciated him.  Here's an excerpt from a short treatise he wrote on [the] love of/for God called On Loving God. "God is not loved without reward, even though he should… Continue reading Bernard of Clairvaux on Loving God

A Devotional Commentary on 1 Cor 13

 If you're looking for a short and sweet book that discusses the famous "love" chapter in the Bible, you'll want to get True Love by Dr. James Renihan (dean & professor at IRBS).  It is a collection of sermons that Renihan preached from 1 Corinthians 13.  Renihan opens the book by discussing how love is demanded of us (Deut 6.5) and how the… Continue reading A Devotional Commentary on 1 Cor 13

Deflecting Satan’s Arrows of Discord

One of Satan's strongest and most successful weapons against the church is getting Christians to 'bite and devour one another' (Gal 5.15).  He does what he can to sow seeds of conflict among Christians so the seeds grow into fights and quarrels among brothers and sisters in Christ.  Thomas Brooks - in his usual biblically… Continue reading Deflecting Satan’s Arrows of Discord