Freedom in Christ (Bray)

 I recently purchased God is Love: A Biblical and Systematic Theology by Gerald Bray (which is currently on sale at Logos). While I haven't read it all, I've appreciated different aspects of it.  Here's one section on Christian liberty I read this morning that I think is worth sharing: The trouble with freedom is that there… Continue reading Freedom in Christ (Bray)

Moderation, Contentment, and Christian Liberty (Calvin)

John Calvin's section on Christian liberty in his Institutes is one of my favorite parts of this outstanding book.  It's biblical, Christ centered, founded on grace, pastoral, and very level-headed.  At one point Calvin says that Christian freedom does not mean we can be luxury-seeking gluttons and drunks who chase after our own lusts.  Note… Continue reading Moderation, Contentment, and Christian Liberty (Calvin)

That’s Not Christian Liberty, That’s Immaturity!

 Christian liberty is one of those great biblical truths the Protestant Reformers recovered.  The papacy had made all sorts of rules, regulations, doctrines, and so forth that were neither commanded nor taught by Scripture.  The Reformers, thinking of texts like Matthew 15:9, Acts 5:29, Galatians 5:1 (and so on), said that to believe man-made doctrines or to obey man-made religious laws… Continue reading That’s Not Christian Liberty, That’s Immaturity!

Christian Liberty, Beer, and Blogs

[This is a slightly edited repost from August, 2009.  Note: I’m not 100% sure the opening paragraph is still accurate, since I no longer read blogs.  But I believe the point still stands.] The Christian blogosphere and web community is filled with trends and fads – blogs have the clout and power to set Christian… Continue reading Christian Liberty, Beer, and Blogs

Live Above, But Walk According to the Law

I’ve mentioned this book and these paragraphs before here on the blog, but as I was reading parts of it again, I thought it was worth repeating.  This quote is found near the end of Samuel Bolton’s book, The True Bounds of Christian Freedom.  It’s all about justification, sanctification, and Christian liberty. “Maintain your liberty… Continue reading Live Above, But Walk According to the Law