Little Pilgrim’s Progress

Since the original language of Pilgrim’s Progress is too archaic for many of today’s readers, and since I wanted my children to read and understand it, I looked around for an easier to read version or abridgment.  I know there are a few out there, but one that we really like is Little Pilgrim’s Progress… Continue reading Little Pilgrim’s Progress

Kids’ Books – Updated Again

On the exciting occasion of purchasing Andrew Peterson’s final installation of The Wingfeather Saga – namely, The Warden and the Wolf King – I thought I’d also update the “Kids’ Books” page on this blog (GO HERE TO SEE IT).  I’ve added a few more books to that list, so check it out if you… Continue reading Kids’ Books – Updated Again

Books That Will Last

A friend once asked me a very good question: which books have you recently read that you think will still be read many years from now?  Some Christian books published in the last ten years or so will pretty much be lost in the vast Christian library, while others will continue to be checked out… Continue reading Books That Will Last

New Books of Note

Next week I'll be on a short sabbatical, so along with enjoying family time and a hike in the Snoqualmie national forest (fighting the snow?), I'll be spending time reading Bernard of Clairvaux, Blaise Pascal, Ralph Venning, and Marva Dawn; I'll probably just do a few blogs on Bernard and Blaise.  For now, I want to point out a some newer books… Continue reading New Books of Note