People as Commodities

 If you're looking for a fascinating study on how consumerism, capitalism, and Madison avenue have contributed to the watering down of Christianity, you'll have to get Following Christ in a Consumer Society by John Kavanaugh.  I like the subtitle of the book: "The Spirituality of Cultural Resistance."  While I disagree with parts of his Catholic ecclesiology… Continue reading People as Commodities

The Christian West??

 Here's D. A. Carson in Christ and Culture Revisited (p. 195): "From a Christian point of view, it is unhelpful to speak of 'the Christian West' or of 'our Christian nation' or the like.  In America, this is not only because of the legal force of the First Amendment (however it is interpreted) but also… Continue reading The Christian West??

Christ and Culture Conference: Friday/Saturday (WSC)

  You're not going to want to miss this: Westminster Seminary (California) is hosting a conference entitled "Christ, Kingdom, and Culture" - discussing these things from a confessional Reformed perspective.  Date: Friday/Saturday - Jan 15/16 at the WSC campus in Escondido, CA.  Go here for more info.  Speakers include Michael Horton, Dennis Johnson, Robert Godfrey, David VanDrunen, and… Continue reading Christ and Culture Conference: Friday/Saturday (WSC)