The Disastrous Work of Spoiling Your Children (Luther)

Christian parents should, of course, lovingly teach their children the truths of the Christian faith. Christian parents should also do their best to model the Christian faith well, by God's grace. We need teach our kids theological truths and truths about morality and ethics - even ethics like working with our hands, being self-sufficient, and… Continue reading The Disastrous Work of Spoiling Your Children (Luther)

Mothers, God’s Voice, and Augustine

Moms have a tough job - and that's an understatement! When I think about the headaches I put my mom through, I still feel badly about it to say the least. Thankfully by God's grace both my mom and I are followers of Jesus and have been as long as I can remember. Speaking of… Continue reading Mothers, God’s Voice, and Augustine

First Catechism: For Kids!

 I'm guessing that quite a few of our readers know about the First Catechism, a simple catechism that is something like a kids' version of the Westminster Shorter Catechism.  Although the Shorter Catechism is concise, some of the language and grammar are dated and the concepts can be difficult for younger children.  The First Catechism is a… Continue reading First Catechism: For Kids!

Our Children, God’s Children

In Reformed theology, children of believers are part of God's covenant community and are regarded as such.  We do, of course, teach our kids about the mighty acts of God, the redemption that is found only in Christ, and the need for personal repentance, faith, and godliness.  But we don't consider our children lost pagans… Continue reading Our Children, God’s Children

Are Our Children Lost?

One recent and popular Christian book called Parenting spent a chapter talking about how our kids are "lost."  It wasn't a minor theme mentioned in three sentences; it was a major point of the entire chapter that Christian parents are raising "lost" children.  For example, Paul Tripp wrote, "Our children are not just disobedient; they are disobedient because they… Continue reading Are Our Children Lost?