Atheism: An Opiate For the Masses?

Alister McGrath, in his book, Doubting, gives Christians a way to understand, come to grips with, and fight doubt.  There are many excellent aspects of this book, but one that I want to mention here is how McGrath turns the famous "opiate" explanation on its head.  (I'm sure you've heard Marx's statement before, that Christianity… Continue reading Atheism: An Opiate For the Masses?

A Christian Dealing With Doubts

 As I noted earlier, this one by Guinness has been the "book of the month" for me in many ways: God in the Dark: The Assurance of Faith Beyond a Shadow of Doubt (Wheaton: Crossway, 1996).  As Christians, many of us have a tough time admitting that we have some doubts about the faith.  If… Continue reading A Christian Dealing With Doubts

Faith, Doubt, & Certainty in Christian Discipleship (Newbigin)

This is an amazing and truly outstanding book.  Lesslie Newbigin's Proper Confidence (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1995) is honestly one of the best brief and to the point books I've read on Christian epistemology (i.e. knowing things - specifically how faith and knowledge relate).  I would love to do a series of blog posts on this… Continue reading Faith, Doubt, & Certainty in Christian Discipleship (Newbigin)

Bavinck on Certainty IV

In my last post on Bavinck's booklet, The Certainty of Faith, I promised to quote Bavinck on certainty in places other than Reformation Christianity.  Here are a few summary quotes from the third chapter of his book. First, non-Christian religions teach us "that certainty is not the same as truth.  Truth always brings certainty, but… Continue reading Bavinck on Certainty IV

Bavinck and Certainty (II)

Moving on in the booklet, The Certainty of Faith, we note how Bavinck talks about science and certainty.  He briefly praises science for giving us so many benefits and insights into the universe.  Then, he states: "But although it may have a lot to offer to our senses and understanding, it leaves the heart unsatisfied. … Continue reading Bavinck and Certainty (II)